So since Adobe Systems has been unresponsive, I thought I'd share my experience here with everyone.

On January 29, I ordered the Creative Cloud Photography plan.  It is 9.99 per month or $104.94 for the year.  I subscribed for one year and payed via PayPal.  The charge was posted to my PayPal account and my bank as expected.

The next day, Saturday, January 30, I was charged again.

I contacted Adobe support.  They told me they did not charge me twice (a lie) and that it was a PayPal issue.

I contacted PayPal.  PayPal told me Adobe requested funds twice and were paid twice and provided transaction ID's.

) contacted Adobe again.  This time I was told that they really DID charge me twice, but only because the first charge was rejected (again, untrue).  I told them it was NOT rejected and that both payments had been deducted from my bank account.  I provided them both transaction ID's. 

The rep I was speaking to could not help me, only telling me she would forward my request to the "relevant team" (though she refused to tell me what team was relevant in this situation) and that it would take 3 - 5 days for a refund.

I got a response the next day saying they were looking into it.  The following day I got another response saying they did not get paid twice and wanted my bank statement as proof.  I was reluctant due to privacy concerns but I complied.  I sent them my bank statement and a copy of my PayPal statement as well.  The support portal said if I added information I would get a response in 24 hours.

24 hours later, no response. 

ANOTHER 24 hours later, STILL no response.

I sent them a message again asking for an update.  By this point I was furious and told them I wanted to cancel my subscription and for them to refund BOTH payments.

I received ONE refund.  So again I asked them if they were going to be cancelling my subscription and refunding me.  2 weeks went by with no response.  At this point I was resigned to just keeping the subscription and calling it even.

After 2 weeks, though, I lost access to the subscription.  I got two emails indicating they were trying to bill me AGAIN and failed.  I inquired again, and again was told it was being forwarded to the "relevant" team... More time goes by without a response. At this point we had moved beyond absurdity.  I demanded they refund my money.  They told me they were trying to but PayPal was rejecting the refund.  I contacted PayPal again.  They are not rejecting the refund.  If they would refund it under the correct transaction ID it would work.  I supplied all of this information to Adobe.  They still insist they cannot refund me.  They asked for my credit card number.  After their repeated attempts to continue to charge my PayPal, I'm surely not going to turn over my credit card number.  And I don't want the refund on my credit card anyway, this came directly out of my checking account.

It has now been about 37 days.  I still have no refund, no access to the software, and NOW today I get an email from Adobe that they have closed my support case.


Do I seriously need to get a lawyer and sue over $104.95?  How can you treat a customer this way?

I will NEVER use another adobe product again.